Geiger, a leader in the promotional products industry, has put together a reference guide listing products that are considered earth friendly. The ai???Greenai??? movement is an issue of growing importance for all of usai??i??and we want to showcase the products we have to offer. Corporate America is focused on sustainability and as our commitment to sustainability grows, we want to help you embrace a green business model with earth-friendly promotional products.

Geiger is committed to being green as well. Learn more about what Geiger is doing to help the environment.

Take care of the one that takes care of you, Mother Earth. Geiger provides many eco-friendly branding solutions. Your brand speaks loudly when it tells your audiences that you are concerned about the environment. Your promotional consultant can suggest promotional items that are impacting the earth less than others. When you are ready to ai???go greenai??? for your next branding project, get green with Geiger.

Recycled ai??i?? Renewable ai??i?? Organic ai??i?? Energy Friendly ai??i?? Hand Powered ai??i?? Biodegradable

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Our Product Safety Pledge

Geiger is a safety and socially conscious company that has been in operation for 130 years. We are proud to be a company that recognized early on the importance of quality products and exemplary service.

Product Safety: Our Pledge to You.

Recent high-profile news events have brought to light areas of concern that could potentially impact anyone who distributes products manufactured overseas. As a result, here are the initiatives we are taking to insure the safety of the products we distribute:

Preferred Vendors.

We have strong relationships with our production partners. These vendors have years of proven experience and are proactive in many areas, including product safety. They have put their products through testing beyond that being done by inspectors overseas.

Factory Visits.

We feel that it is not enough that our key production partners monitor their overseas production facilities. We are also taking an active role by doing factory visits to see firsthand how the products are manufactured, to ensure safe working conditions and responsible labor practices are being met. We also work with FLA-certified sources of supply that have to go through regular, rigorous, independent testing to ensure products are safe and do not employ ai???sweatshopai??? labor practices or child labor.

Independent Testing.

In some cases an independent testing process is available to further validate prior testing results. These products are tested for lead content as well as other chemicals that could be harmful for the user. Products that will be used by children are tested for child safety. Many of the items tested are products that we use on a regular basis for programs and clients nationwide.