The Geiger Family Business

Generation 1. The company was founded in 1878, when brothers Andrew and Jacob took over their fatherai??i??s two-room print shop in Newark, New Jersey. A staff of 4 — the brothers, a printer, and a bookkeeper — produced a small line that included advertising calendars, fans, and greeting cards.

Generation 2. The second generation brothers, Frank, Charles, and George entered the company in the early 1900s. They added date books and diaries to their expanding line.

Generation 3. Frankai??i??s two sons, Ray and Frank, joined the business in the 1930s. Frank led the firm into the distribution of advertising specialty products made by other companies. Meanwhile, Ray acquired the renowned Farmersai??i?? Almanacai???,Ai?? becoming its 6th editor and tireless promoter for 60 consecutive years!

Ray and Frank moved the company to Lewiston, Maine in 1955, to meet the needs of a growing company. Since then, the Geiger facility has been expanded four times to its current 140,000 square foot size.

Generation 4. Two of Rayai??i??s sons manage the company today. Gene is CEO and President and Peter Geiger is Executive Vice President and editor of the Farmersai??i?? Almanac. Under their guidance, the company has experienced unprecedented growth over the last decade and has earned numerous business and civic honors. Currently, it is leading the industryai??i??s push toward e-commerce.

Generation 5. Gene’s oldest son, Jeffrey joined Geiger in 2004. At present, he is the Marketing Technology Manager and involved in a variety of initiatives designed to enhance Geiger’s online presence. Ai??Gene’s youngest son, David joined Geiger in 2012 and is the Product Safety and Social Compliance Manager.

Each generation has enhanced and reinvigorated the business, but the Geigers themselves are only part of the story and the companyai??i??s successes. Some 500 talented associatesAi??work in Lewiston and in field offices supporting a sales force of some 450 promotional consultantsAi??in nearly every state and more than 50,000 customers.

Geiger has expanded and diversified again and again over its 125 years in business. Andrew and Jacob would scarcely recognize what they started, but we believe they would take great pride in how the firm has managed to stay true to its original values.

Size, strength, longevity, and consistency are of importance only as they enable us to offer one-to-one solutions to our customers. We take particular pride those lasting relationships that come from our delivering value with an integrity that for us never went out of style.

Some customers have relied on us for 25 and even 50 years. When you need us, we’ll be here for you.